Family Medicine

The Medical Team 42 is pleased to welcome you to their Web site and invites you to find more about the medical office of Dr. Ulrike Glienke, Dr. York Glienke and Dr. Klaus Fritzsche.
We combine our medical competence with the highest possible standard while maintaining our well-established familiar atmosphere. 

As a teaching clinic for the Medical School of the University of Tuebingen and one of the first and leading medical office that provides family-care-centric medical care, your Medical Team ensures your family medical care on the highest level of quality possible. This applies to all patients, regardless of their insurance status (HMO, preferred provider, insurance or private patient).

In addition to extensive modern technical devices and appliances, you can expect a human side that is most important to the doctors with regards to your family medical care.
As your guide in the field of medical care we coordinate, manage and network your ongoing care and we include and integrate you as the patient so that you don’t get lost in the jungle of treatment options and varieties.

You as a person, not as a case, are at the center:
Your family physician not only knows you, but he also knows your entire family and your social environment. All findings, diagnostic and treatment results come together at your family doctor – this makes the course of treatment more transparent and easier to understand for you, burdensome and expensive redundancies can be eliminated, you can save time and be faster on your road to revocery.

dr. med. york glienke
Doctor of Family Medicine
location: Böblingen
Dr. med. friedrich bäuerle
Doctor of Internal Medicine, Family Doctor
location: Böblingen, Schönaich
Dr. Med. Silke Glienke
Doctor of Family Medicine & Pediatrics
location: Böblingen
Dr. med. Aniko Pencz
Doctor for Family Medicine
location: Schönaich
Elena Kuklina
Fachärztin für Allgemeinmedizin
Standort: Böblingen
Doctor of Family Medicine
Doctor of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
location: Böblingen
Dr. med. klaus fritzsche
Doctor of Internal Medicine, Family Doctor
location: Böblingen
Dr. Med. Ulrike Glienke
Doctor of Family Medicine 
location: Böblingen
dr. med. Ingrid Krone
Doctor for Family Medicine / Phlebologist
location: Böblingen