Medical Office

The docteam42

Please learn more about your Health Team 42 in Boeblingen on our new homepage. 

We offer a wide variety of information and insights into our daily work and the spectrum we offer.
Our multi-disciplinary health-team from different areas of family medical care is looking forward to offering you their competence – all under one roof!
In close proximity you find specialists with interdisciplinary experience that offer medical care without ever leaving the building: 
From Pediatrics to Family Medicine (General Practitioner and Internal Medicine) all the way to Surgery we offer a broad basis of medical care.

By adding Nutritional Counseling, Osteopathy and Physiotherapy we expand your options to manage your well-being further. 

Last but not least Pharmacy and Medical Supplies complete the “all-in-one” concept of your Health Team 42.

Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing. 
Your Health Team 42 is looking forward to helping you!

We Support  the family medical care model

This means that we ask our patients at the beginning of each quarter to visit their family doctor (depending on their age this could also be their pediatrician), even if you are actually looking to see a specialist.

The health care policy supports this approach in the context of a focus on family doctors at the center of medical care.

Patients that visit their specialist with a “transfer slip” from their family doctor ensure that their family doctor receives a detailed report from the specialist afterwards. And our clinic opens early enough that you can receive your transfer slip even for same-day visits to a specialist!

We will also provide guidance whether your medical problem can be diagnosed by a family physician or another member of our team, saving you unnecessary time and travel!