Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery


The female breast is exposed to many influences in the course of life which influence the shape, size and consistency.

The breast changes due to the natural aging process, but also by hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation, a person’s lifestyle and individual tissue quality. 

Similarly, there are several lighter and heavier malformations of the chest. When women feel their breasts too big, too small, or not tight enough, this may affect the positive body image and quality of life. We will advise you individually regarding a change in your breast, and about the benefits and risks. 

Many women refer to the advice of a trusted person.

Breast Enlargement (Augmentation)

A tight, symmetrical and natural looking breast is the desire of many women. The size and shape of your breasts can affect the way you feel about your body and your quality of life. Depending on your physical condition and the desired result, various technical variations are available. We use high quality silicone gel implants which provide the best results with maximum safety. 

The surgical approach may be through the armpit, above the nipple or through the breast crease. The transaxillary access (through the armpit) offers the advantage that the skin of the breast is not changed by a scar. 

The cut of this very gentle procedure for breast augmentation is located in the armpit and the scar is largely invisible after a reasonable period of time. 

The implant can be placed under or over the muscle. 

We advise you in detail about all the possibilities offered by the plastic aesthetic surgery. The operative care consists of a short hospital stay of one night. You should wear a bra for 4 weeks following the surgery.

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammaplasty)

Women with large, heavy breasts often suffer from their appearance and various physical ailments. Tension and pain in the neck and thoracic spine, poor posture, restrictive bra straps, abnormal sensations in the fingers are just some examples of possible problems. Nowadays, there are many established surgical techniques for reducing the breast, which differ primarily by the location of scars. 

During the procedure excessive subcutaneous fat and glandular tissue is removed and the nipple moved up to give a tighter, smaller volume to the breast. Each technique has advantages and disadvantages and is not equally applicable to every woman. 

We work with you to choose the right option for you in order to achieve an optimal result. Breast reduction surgery usually requires a hospital stay of 3-4 days, and afterwards a special bra should be worn for several weeks.

Breast lift (mastopexy)

Often severe weight changes, pregnancy, weak connective tissue and sometimes the natural aging process can cause the breast to sag and fall on the chest. 

With a breast lift, the breasts are lifted and tightened again to their natural position. The procedure is similar to the reduction in the breast, because the nipple must be moved upward. 

Most excess skin is removed and the existing breast tissue can be used to reshape the breast. A low volume breast implant can also be used to form the breast.

Breast Reconstruction

The plastic reconstructive surgery offers many options for restoration of the breast. Many women desire the reconstruction of their breast after tumor surgery or an injury. 

Through a detailed personal interview and a thorough investigation we will explain the appropriate options for you.

Nipple correction

There are women whose nipples are connected to shortened milk ducts which causes the nipples to go constantly inward (so-called inverted nipples). 

The nipples can not straighten up and pose a burden for some affected women. It can also cause problems in nursing infants. 

In general, it is possible to erect the nipples through a small incision at the edge nipples. In some cases, this is achieved with the special technique without the need for a proper incision.

Implant exchange

If you already have implants, you might want to change them at some point. An implant exchange would be necessary. 

We advise you without obligation and you could request an implant exchange after consultation.

Correction of male breast

Men with too large and somewhat female appearing breasts (gynecomastia) often feel this to be very disturbing and problematic. The excess tissue is mainly composed of fat and partly from glandular tissue. 

The causes of gynecomastia can be genetic, as well as hormone, weight changes or certain medications can be a possible cause. In some cases, an endocrinological investigation is necessary before an operation. The procedure can be suction of pure fat tissue (liposuction), or with a combination of suction and additional skin removal (excision). 

Depending on the procedure, the surgery may be under local or general anesthesia. To promote skin tightening and reduce pain and swelling, a compression undershirt for men should be worn for several weeks after surgery.