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Concept of Food beyond Dieting

Food as Medicine: Looking Beyond Dieting


Concept of Food

We have all heard the famous quote by Hippocrates “Let Food be thy Medicine And Medicine be thy Food “which simply means when one starts to eat & treat the Food that one eats like Medicine, its nourishes the Body, Mind and Soul equally & rightfully. But the moment you eat Food as a luxury and treat for your senses, you have to take in Medicines as Food for the rest of your life. This in simple perspective means “When Diet is wrong Medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need”.

It’s time to change the way we think, look & eat our Food. Food has the potential to work as disease fighting or disease creating properties. The day you start thinking and implementing this method of living, you start living in a healthy way.

Food has a great role in our life, we eat when we are happy, and we eat when we are sad. Our food choices and cravings might differ, but we all are connected with each other on this Planet with “Our Food stories”. Each country, each culture, each religion has their own way of using Food as a medium of comfort to bring people closer to each other. So one must relish Food, respect Food & relate with Food that we eat.

Need for Using Food as Medicine

 Man started eating in the best possible way whatever he/she got and the word “Food”, later on we had different phases of Food “Soul Food”, “Comfort Food”, “Food cravings”, etc.. In today’s times we have started relating “Food” with “Dieting or Diet”. Food simply has great role in our bodies that just being a comfort for our taste-buds. Food plays the vital role:

  • protecting & nourishing the body
  • proper functioning of all organs
  • helps in growth & development of the body
  • promoting health & fighting diseases

But in “Modern Times” Food has also started having the function of “Creating diseases”. The main reasons being

  • excess intake of Food in numbers & quantities
  • skipping meal times or combining meals
  • getting into “Fad” mode; trying dieting options or following someone without knowledge
  • experimenting and combining different Foods; leading to food interaction
  • excess intake of processed, frozen, canned foods or intake of sweets or caffeine containing foods

So it’s time we all start thinking and discussing about what type of “Food” bests suits you. To know more about this talk to a Nutrition & Diet Expert. We will help you understand what Food your body needs, what Food suits you, what Food relates to you. Come join this Journey of Staying Healthy, Happy & in Harmony with the Food you eat!