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Managing Diabetes with diet and lifestyle correction

Managing your Diabetes with Diet & Lifestyle correction

Diabetes has been one of the leading causes of most health issues found globally. But preventing secondary issues due to diabetes is always an essential option and the first step towards Diabetes Management. Correcting your diet & lifestyle could be a big step toward diabetes prevention and it's never too late to start.

It is especially important to make diabetes prevention a priority if you are at increased risk of diabetes, such as if you are overweight or you have a strong family history of the disease or you have hormonal issues or you have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Diabetes prevention involves eating more mindfully, getting physically active, losing a few extra pounds through effective self-monitoring techniques. It's never too late to start on a “New Discipline” of getting to know what your body needs. Making a few simple changes in your diet & lifestyle now may help you avoid the serious health complications related to diabetes in the future, such as nerve, kidney and heart damage.

We advise you on getting healthier, happier & mindful when it comes to Taking Care of Diabetes at home.

Regular Dietary & lifestyle Intervention

A diabetic person has a strong appetite and has issue controlling hunger. It becomes very difficult for diabetics to help with this situation. When they are hungry they try grabbing on to some of the easy to eat and make foods. There are also some myths like you can eat a chocolate or candy when you feel hungry or get stressed. But there are some thumb rules:

  • Always wear a hand band or a label on your wrist so that people know you are a diabetic and may need help & assistance
  • Carry your glucometer and food and water in your bag so that it will help you in knowing your sugars and also you may eat if they are really low
  • Go for fructose rich fruits or dry fruits when feeling hungry or feel blood sugars going low
  • Drink ample water and stay hydrated
  • Eat your meals on time
  • Try to have a great physical health routine: indulge in safe “at home” sports activities, trying doing yoga, mindful stress management activities

Talk to us and take regular “Nutrition advice” from time to time so that you can get help with what is best to eat, great diet pattern to adopt when managing diabetes to stay happy even controlling your sugars.

Regular health checks

Diabetes is an illness which is metabolic in nature; it affects our health and organs in a lot many ways. Thus it is also named as a “Silent disease”. In case you have a strong history of diabetes, if you are having problems losing weight, read about the symptoms and check if you have seen any of them as a habit in your daily living since last 6-8months.

When diagnosed with Diabetes keep a good control on your blood sugars. Regular monitoring using glucometer, testing your sugar levels each month is essential.

Talk to us and know more on controlling and monitoring blood sugar levels through great control.

Regular body care & complete health check

Excess circulating blood sugar affects most of the organs in the body, regular monitoring to control the blood sugars, great dietary regimen, correcting the way to eat & think about food, adopting a great activity pattern, caring for your body is essential rule. Along with all this one must watch and care for your feet, getting bruises, getting small cuts, cracks on feet can go a long way in case you are not able to watch the and heal them way before they cause the pain.

Talk to an expert in “diabetes care” and know more about hand and foot care, how to watch your body and skin and check out how to care for the same.

We advise you to effectively know and regularise your diabetes with “care & comfort” through regular follow-ups. Stay motivated and seek help today!!