Dietician & Nutritionist

Weight Management with Diet & Lifestyle correction

Managing your Weightloss Journey

We all know the weight trend. It easy to gain those extra kilos in weeks time but very difficult to lose even after several months of hard work at Gyms. In the current pandemic situation managing healthy weight & lifestyle; on your own in the ‘New Normal” has been a cause of concern for almost all. When in doubt we always think of asking an Expert. We want to know more what is best for us, what will help us keep the weight in a healthy constant so that we live a healthy life throughout.

Healthy Weight Chart

Being in shape is a dream of every person. We do lot of things to keep our tummy’s tucked in, weight in perfect scales, body in perfect shape. We constantly check our weights using different scales and at all times of the day. But still we are unable to reach that Weight Goal that we have set for ourselves. We need to maintain a healthy weight chart, check what “Ideal body weight” band is? Keep a note of BMI (Basal Metabolic Index) which helps to identify the ideal weight band (From Underweight to Overweight scale). Watching what type of food to eat, how much to eat to keep those weighing scales in limit. This comes with Diet & Nutrition Expert Intervention.  

Talk to an expert and take their help to know what your healthy weight band should be like?

Think beyond calories, proteins, fats

Just because a food is low calorie necessarily does not mean it’s healthy. Your body takes only that much food that it requires to do all the daily activities in a normal manner, rest of the excess food gets transported into fat and deposits in your body, making you gain weight. Your food choices, cooking method, meal timings, and daily activities help you decide how many calories you need to consume on a daily basis. Both eating less, eating more or eating only one type of food may have a larger impact on your body and body functions leading to poor weight loss journey.  

Talking to a Nutrition & Diet Expert benefits you to go in a long way with your Weightloss management goal.

Set your pace to achieve your Goal

With every new festival passing by, we all set a “New Weight Goal” to start watching our diet, watching what we eat & watching how much Weightloss we want to achieve. Sometimes we also set a target which at times looks most unrealistic to achieve. We also want to finish our Weightloss targets in less than 10---15---20 days. “If my friend can do, I will also do” is what we always say. We start on a happy note and suddenly stop after a week or 7days as we get bored, or have no measures to track and monitor us. At this point we leave our Goal to lose weight or get in shape and get disheartened and leave the Weightloss Goal.

Now it’s time, speak to an Expert Nutritionist. A Nutrition & Diet Expert understands the science behind the pace at which body looses weight and gets into shape and helps you achieve your set Weightloss target with your own Pace.

Tracking & Monitoring your Weight Journey

Weightloss journey needs focus motivation & inspiration to move close to your Goal daily. There are many apps in the market, many fitness watches, machines that help us track and monitor our weight loss goals from time to time. But they have too many things and too many options to use and start. At times you get confused as to which App is best suitable for me, how do I go about using such Apps? When you are confused and see no way to go, connect with a Nutrition and Diet Expert to help you with regular monitoring and tracking of your food intake.

We help you understand what is best for you and suits you through timely follow-ups and face to face counselling method.

So make your Weight loss journey successful and inspiring to everyone with perfect Nutrition & Diet Expert advice.